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In African homes, children are always warned against criticizing adults on any level lest they are cursed. There is this notion that with age comes wisdom. Does it mean society doesn't have old fools? 

Let's keep the people of Guinea in our prayers. I hope the successful coup does not result in any bloodshed.

Africans wrote their history.

According to imperial historiography, Africa is a 'dark continent' with no written history. Nothing could be further from the truth. Africa is just a continent whose written history has not been studied well enough.

While it is true that Africans had diverse methods of documenting events and cultures, and written history constitutes just a tiny fraction, the fraction is still rich and extensive.

The African written history is available in many forms, including scripts, art, epitaph, inscriptions, graffito, coinage, chronicles, hagiography e.t.c

Isaac Samuel has done great work compiling a catalogue of African historiography that you should check out.

The catalogue lists several written histories across Africa. Including the scripts in the Kush and Aksum empires, the chronicles of the West African empires such as Ghana, Swahili Historiography along the East African coast, the Latin script in the Kongo kingdom, plus so much more.

The history of Jollof Rice, West African favourite

The iconic dish has been the source of heated exchanges between the populace of West African countries as to who among them owns the bragging right of having discovered the recipe. To begin with, let's understand what this sumptuous dish is.

Jollof is a rice dish from West Africa typically made with long-grain rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, vegetables and meat in a single pot. The ingredients and preparation methods, however, vary across different regions. It has a unique sweet and subtle spicy taste.

It is believed to have originated in the Senegambia region of West Africa, in the ancient Wolof or Jolof Empire, during the 14th-16th century. The delicacy has travelled throughout the sub-region because of the frequent cultural exchange there, thus evolving into several regional varieties, laced with the heritage of the place it is prepared. 

Quartz Africa did an enlightening summary on the origin of the jollof rice and the ongoing online wars to protect it as many African nations claim it as their own.

For those interested in learning how to prepare this famous dish, check out this recipe and a step by step guide. 

Lwanda Magere the Indomitable Warrior

The legendary Luo warrior was famously known for his possession of unearthly powers, a skin of stone and the capability to tear an entire army apart. Arrows, spears and clubs bounced off his body, making him invincible during warfare. However, a single blunder would ultimately cost him his life.

The Bajuni People

The Kitukuu speakers found in the Lamu archipelago are best known for their trademark kikois and the mouth-watering dish comprising coconut, fish and rice. The Bajuni community arose from the intermarriage between the Somali and the Arabs on the Swahili coast of East Africa.

Special Mentions

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 - Kenyan Dictionary.

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Fun Fact ๐Ÿš€

Africa is the second-largest and the second most populated continent in the world after Asia.


Chila nyumba ina msehowe(Digo).

Translation: Every house has its fair share of troubles. 

Meaning: The proverb advises married couples going through tough times or disagreements, preaching perseverance for there is no perfect household. 


Marogoba (Ekegusii)

Meaning: Evening

Example: Ngochande marogoba.

Translation: I will come in the evening

By: Bironga Nyauma

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Today, I'll leave you with a tribute mixtape of Rhumba maestro Musa Juma's songs. Continue resting in power Jakababa ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ

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