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How do you call someone from Madagascar?

Madagasian? Wrong ❌

Below is a list of all African nationalities.
Algeria - Algerian
Angola - Angolan
Benin - Beninese
Botswana - Motswana(singular)/Batswana(plural)
Burkina Faso - Burkinabe
Burundi - Burundian
Cape Verde - Cape Verdean
Cameroon - Cameroonian
Central African Republic - Central African
Chad - Chadian
Comoros - Comorian
Congo Brazaville - Congolese
Congo DRC - Congolese
Côte d'Ivoire - Ivorian
Djibouti - Djiboutian
Egypt - Egyptian
Equatorial Guinea - Equatoguinean/Equatorial Guinean
Eritrea - Eritrean
Eswatini - Liswati/Emaswati
Ethiopia - Ethiopian
Gabon - Gabonese
Gambia - Gambian
Ghana - Ghanaian
Guinea - Guinean
Guinea Bissau - Guinea-Bissauan
Kenya - Kenyan
Lesotho - Mosotho(singular)/Basotho(plural)
Liberia - Liberian
Libya - Libyan
Madagascar - Malagasy
Malawi - Malawian
Mali - Malian
Mauritania - Mauritanian
Mauritius - Mauritian
Morocco - Moroccan
Mozambique - Mozambican
Namibia - Namibian
Niger - Nigerien
Nigeria - Nigerian
Rwanda - Rwandan/ Rwandese
Sao Tome and Principe - Sao Tomean
Senegal - Senegalese
Seychelles - Seychellois
Sierra Leone - Sierra Leonean
Somalia - Somali
South Africa - South African
South Sudan - South Sudanese
Sudan - Sudanese
Tanzania - Tanzanian
Togo - Togolese
Tunisia - Tunisian
Uganda - Ugandan
Zambia - Zambian
Zimbabwe - Zimbabwean


I am a nation in Africa. Change two letters in my name, and you have the name of another nation in Africa, but change just one letter in my name and have the name of a region in Asia. What are the two countries and the Asian region?
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