"Language is the soul of culture. Culture is the soul of language.

Lughayangu was born from the realisation that many African languages, history and cultures risk going extinct due to lack of proper documentation, globalisation and over-dependence on foreign languages.

There are also limited online learning platforms dedicated to African languages.

What is Lughayangu?

Lughayangu is an online encyclopedia of African cultures, languages, and history. You can use it to learn new words, explore new languages, and discover Africans' rich history and culture.

We are on a mission to document and preserve all native languages, history and culture in Africa and be the go-to place to learn and contribute them.

What does "Lughayangu" mean?

It is coined from two Swahili words.

"Lugha" meaning language and "Yangu" meaning mine.

The word stemmed from the need to encourage fellow Africans to be proud of their languages and to tell their stories.

Who is behind Lughayangu?

Lughayangu was launched in late 2019 by Michael Jaroya. We currently run it together with Stephany Achieng'. We also have a team of moderators, editors and writers who ensure the platform runs smoothly.

The dictionary is a community-sourced resource, and any native African speaker can contribute their knowledge and expertise—a dictionary made by you for you.

Join us on this journey of preserving and promoting African languages and cultures. Together we can ensure these cultures continue to flourish and thrive for generations to come.