"Language is the soul of culture. Culture is the soul of language.

Hello, I'm Michael Jaroya, creator of Lughayangu.

Why did you create Lughayangu?

Lughayangu was born from the need to scratch my itch. I wanted to learn Gĩkũyũ.

I searched online for a reliable resource to use but couldn't find any, so I decided to create one.

The realization that many African languages risk going extinct due to lack of proper documentation, globalisation and over-dependence on foreign languages further motivated me.

What does "Lughayangu" mean?

It is coined from two Swahili words.

"Lugha" meaning language and "Yangu" meaning mine.

The word stemmed from the need to encourage fellow Africans to be proud of their languages and to tell their stories.

What is Lughayangu?

Lughayangu is an online platform dedicated to the preservation and promotion of African languages, cultures and history.

I created Lughayangu in late 2019 and Stephany Achieng' would join as a co-founder in May of 2021.

It provides a space to learn and explore African languages and discover Africans' rich history and culture.

It features a dictionary of each of the native languages, Today in History, a newsletter, articles, Trivia, Riddles, Provers, Tongue Twisters and so much more.

The dictionary is a community-sourced resource, and anybody who understands an African language can contribute.

Today in History highlights the major events that happened in African history

The newsletter shares curated and original content on African culture, languages, history and people.

How can i help?

Consider adding definitions in your mother tongue.

Your name will forever be carved in history as the person who kept that word alive.

Hundreds of native speakers are adding definitions every single day.

Comprehensive instructions on how to contribute are available in the Help Page

Join us on this journey of preserving and promoting African languages and cultures. Together we can ensure these cultures continue to flourish and thrive for generations to come.