How to Create a Definition?

Creating a definition on our platform is a simple and straightforward process. Follow the steps below to contribute your definition and enrich our community's knowledge base.

✔️ The Create Page:

Click on the "Create Word" or "Define a Word" button. This will load the create page form where you can begin defining a word.

✔️ Select the Language:

Choose or select the language in which you wish to provide the definition. Start Typing to filter and select your language.

✔️ Enter the Word:

Next, type the word you want to define into the designated field. Make sure to enter the word accurately and without any spelling errors.

✔️ Define the Word:

Provide the definition or meaning of the word in the provided text box. Be clear, concise, and accurate in explaining the word's significance and usage.

✔️ Example Sentence:

After defining the word, include an example sentence that demonstrates how the word or phrase can be used in context. This helps users understand its practical application.

✔️ Translation of the sentence:

Next, provide a translation of the example sentence you provided in the previous step. This can be helpful for users seeking a translation in English/Swahili.

✔️ Review and Submit:

Once you are satisfied with your definition, click the "Submit" or "Create" button to submit your entry. Congratulations! Your definition has now been contributed to our platform.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your knowledge and help expand our community's understanding of various words and languages. Your contributions are highly appreciated.

What a Definition Entails?

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what a definition entails on our platform, here are the key details and tips to keep in mind:

What a definition entails

1. Top Definition:

A word can have multiple definitions.

The definition with the most likes and the least dislikes receives the top definition badge.

Tip: Use simple terms that can be easily understood.

2. Language:

Specifies the language of the definition.

Clicking the language loads the language's page, which contains the dictionary and related articles.

Tip: Explore the language pages for further information and related content.

3. Word:

The word being defined.

Clicking the word loads all the definitions of that word.

Tip: Explore different definitions to gain a comprehensive understanding.

4. Meaning:

Provides the meaning of the word.

Tip: Try to provide a detailed explanation for a better understanding of the word.

5. Example:

An example sentence showcasing the word's usage in the specified language.

Tip: Provide an example that includes relevant context.

6. Translation:

Translation of the example sentence into the specified language.

Tip: Aim to provide a precise translation of the example.

7. Share:

Easily share the definition on your social media networks.

8. Tags:

Tags are used to link related definitions. One definition can have multiple tags.

For example, the "Good morning" tag shows definitions in all languages associated with that tag.

Tip: Click a tag to load definitions related to that specific tag.

9. Author:

Specifies the contributor of the definition. Each user has a unique username.

Tip: Try to use shorter usernames for easy recognition.

10. Like/Dislike:

The Like button is used to ensure the best definitions rise to the top and vice versa.

Tip: You are encouraged to like the best definitions to help promote their visibility.

Remember to have fun while contributing and sharing your knowledge on our platform. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Types of Definitions

This section of the guide provides you with an understanding of the different types of definitions and their corresponding statuses within our system.

Approved Definitions:

Approved definitions have been reviewed and approved by our moderators. Please note that approval is based on compliance with our terms and conditions, rather than solely on the correctness of the definition. Our priority is to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for all users.

Pending Definitions:

Pending definitions are currently awaiting approval from our moderators. The approval process typically takes less than an hour. However, please be aware that it may occasionally take longer depending on the availability of our moderation team. We appreciate your patience during this period.

Flagged Definitions:

Definitions may be flagged for various reasons. Some common reasons for flagging a definition include:

  • Incorrect word usage: If the word used in the definition is incorrect or inaccurate.
  • Problematic sentence structure: If the sentence structure of the definition is confusing or unclear, making it difficult for our moderators to understand.
  • Repetition: If the definition is a duplicate or repetition of one you have already submitted. Please disregard this reason if it does not apply to your situation.
  • Viloations of guidelines: If the definition goes against our terms and conditions and privacy policy. It is important to create content that aligns with our guidelines. Creativity and humor are highly encouraged, but ❌ DO NOT harass, discriminate, incite violence, or post personal information.

We encourage you to actively contribute and enjoy the process of enriching our platform with your valuable definitions. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Happy defining!

Thanks for the feedback.

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