• Issue 64

Real-life Time Machine

Picture this; before people had smartphones or even paper, they used rocks as their canvas. African rock art is a bit like the Instagram of the ancient world, except it's etched and painted onto rocks and caves instead of screens. It's l....

  • Issue 63

The story of Joseph Kony; From Altar Boy To Warlord.

The young boy who dedicated his early life to innocently serving God at the altar had suddenly become a monster. Instead of hope, he spread a tide of despair. His name echoed across the four nations, leaving a trail of heartache, devasta....

  • Issue 62

Counter intelligence Agencies in Africa

When we talk counterintelligence, names like CIA, FBI, Mossad, KGB, and MI5 immediately come to mind.

But hey, what about African counterintelligence? Ever thought about that? I bet 99% of you can't even name a single one from Af....

  • Issue 61

Africa's Secrets: Termites, Rolex & Twin's Capital

What's happening in Niamey? Thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sisters in Niger. I sincerely hope it is not another episode of Western countries interfering with Africa's well-being through proxies. Remains to be seen.

On t....

  • Issue 60

Nyami Nyami Strikes with Fury

Nyami Nyami, the Zambezi river god, the supplier of water and food and the protector of the Tonga people is pissed.

His territory and place of residence has been tainted.

"How dare you separate me from my wife!" he curses....

  • Issue 59

In the Blink of an Eye: Shortest Terms of African Presidents

In the dynamic world of African politics, the tenure of presidents can sometimes be unexpectedly short-lived.

These leaders, who held the highest office in their respective countries, experienced brief and eventful terms that lef....

  • Issue 58

The Six Day War

Piles of corpses still lay on the streets decomposing and being eaten by dogs.

Some of the victims could not trace the bodies of their relatives since they had been buried in mass graves.

The aftermath of the war was dire....

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