• Issue 45

Lonely languages: the isolates of Africa.

"Wealth is coming. It is on the way."

Everyone was hopeful when Ochung'tir left Gobei village in 1952 to look for greener pastures in Mombasa.

The 27-year-old was the third born in a polygamous family of twenty c....

  • Issue 44

6 Constructed languages of Africa: protip, you can make one.

Are there any spoken languages without vowel sounds?

The short answer is no, maybe.

There are languages with long sequences of only consonants, but every known language has vowels.

Most African languages....

  • Issue 43

Your next job opportunity

"Cash rules everything around me."

The lyric by Akon has never been more accurate than it is now.

You need all the money you can get to survive, especially during these challenging times when the whole world is seemingly....

  • Issue 42

Where are the left-handed scissors?

Sawubona ‚úč,

Sometime back, I gave my aunt some money, and she refused to take it.

What did I do? What's wrong with her? Is my cash dirty or old? Does she think it's fake? These are some of the questions that immediately c....

  • Issue 41

The fun, the weird and the best holidays

There's heaven on earth down south! 

I will let you in on the secret shortly. 

But before I do, what's up with the hero worship?

I find it odd that most African countries have a holiday for a founding fa....

  • Issue 40

Why Is the Ethiopian Calendar 7 Years Behind?

Hello friends,

Want to celebrate Christmas and new year twice a year? Then it would be best if you consider booking a trip to Ethiopia. 

As the rest of the world is in the last quarter of the year, Ethiopia just cele....

  • Issue 39

The 4 most Peculiar Borders in Africa

The more I learn how the African borders were drawn, the more I'm convinced that they should be discarded.

You can imagine the chaotic scenes at the Berlin conference. A group of hungry bearded men sitting at a round table, saliv....

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