• Issue 56

Wonders in Stone: The Extraordinary Churches of Lalibela

In the heart of the Ethiopian mountains, nestled in a region untouched by time, lay the mystical monolithic churches of Lalibela carved out of rock.

These incredible structures were the brainchild of King Lalibela, who in the 12t....

  • Issue 55

Close Calls and Near Misses: The History Africa can't escape


Today, we're delving into the thrilling world of failed coups in African history. While coups have been a frequent occurrence in the post-colonial period of many African nations, not all have been successful. Join us as we....

  • Issue 54

[Exclusive] - Introducing Today in History

On 18 April 1972, Flight 720 (EC720) burst into flames and crashed while taking off from Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, killing 43 out of 107 passengers onboard.

East African Airways Fl....

  • Issue 53

The Strange and Wondrous Beings That Haunt African Folklore.

Are you ready to take a journey into the weird and wonderful world of African mythology? Have you ever wondered where these stories come from? It\'s a question that has puzzled me for ages!

Join me as we journey into the fascinat....

  • Issue 52

Borderlines Chronicles - A Foot in Two Worlds.

These imaginary lines won't stop bringing problems!

Soon we might even witness a 3rd "world war".

Look at the Russia-Ukwaine war and the tension between China and the USA because of Taiwan.

Border problems everywh....

  • Issue 51

The Snake Dancers

For many, snakes embody fear and danger.

Your first instinct is to fight it or run for your dear life.

However, among the Wonunguli clan of the Zigua tribe of Tanzania, snakes are their besties!

The Wonun....

  • Issue 49

Scarred for Life: The Legacy of Scarification in Africa

S - Scarification, an old practice of marking the skin with incision designs. It has been a part of African culture for centuries.

C - Cultural significance of scarification varies among African....

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