• Issue 51

The Snake Dancers

For many, snakes embody fear and danger.

Your first instinct is to fight it or run for your dear life.

However, among the Wonunguli clan of the Zigua tribe of Tanzania, snakes are their besties!

The Wonun....

  • Issue 49

Scarred for Life: The Legacy of Scarification in Africa

S - Scarification, an old practice of marking the skin with incision designs. It has been a part of African culture for centuries.

C - Cultural significance of scarification varies among African....

  • Issue 48

You've got to taste this: Sustaining Traditional Food Preservation in Afrika

Are you ready for a culinary adventure?

One that will take you back in time to discover the science behind the traditional African food preservation techniques?

From the use of ash to smoking, traditional food preservatio....

  • Issue 47

The Bright History of African Candles

Cleaning it could take up to an hour - if you were lucky.

The process had to be meticulous; otherwise, you'd end up holding pieces of broken glass.

That is, if you still had an arm. How could you break Mama's property and....

  • Issue 46

Beyond Labels: Overcoming Stigmas and Embracing Abilities

Atemo, a humble but jovial boy from Kondigo village, is troubled. As his other siblings attend school every morning and his parents are out and about on errands, he remains behind, tethered to a tree. The reason for this torture, he is p....

  • Issue 45

Lonely languages: the isolates of Africa.

"Wealth is coming. It is on the way."

Everyone was hopeful when Ochung'tir left Gobei village in 1952 to look for greener pastures in Mombasa.

The 27-year-old was the third born in a polygamous family of twenty c....

  • Issue 44

6 Constructed languages of Africa: protip, you can make one.

Are there any spoken languages without vowel sounds?

The short answer is no, maybe.

There are languages with long sequences of only consonants, but every known language has vowels.

Most African languages....

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