• Issue 30

Coming to age ceremonies

Hello 👋🏿

Rites of passage among African communities are critical to individual and community development. They mark the passing from one phase of life to the next.

In this episode, I will share:

✅ A journey into m....

  • Issue 29

Story Story

In the previous issue, I shared three African mythological stories explaining death's origin. As promised, we also published four more stories on the Lughayangu platform. You can find the complete series here.

Today, I will be sh....

  • Issue 28

The origin of death (African mythology)

Death has always been of great concern to humans. Why do we die? There are so many death-origin myths that try to answer this mystery.

These myths tend to reveal the essential elements that existed in those cultures. 


  • Issue 26

Issue 26

Hello 👋,

Why is it difficult for African parents to discuss sex with their children? And in the cases where they do, the descriptions are always indirect, scary, full of threats, and overly exaggerated 😂.

Growing up, I re....

  • Issue 24

Omieri, the legendary python 🐍

Mambo vipi,

Are there any parables outside the gospels?

Have you ever heard of any African parable?

Why was the first baby hair shaved in African society?

Various cultures have a different approach towards the pr....

  • Issue 24

How The Tortoise Got The Cracks On His Shell 🐢

Hello 👋,


How have African languages speakers managed to invent and embrace new vocabulary every time they are invented? Who are the official custodians who have played this role? How do we keep the trend goin....

  • Issue 23

Why the Hawk kills Chicken (African Fable) 🐓

Hey 👋,

There is this joke going around that if you want to get rich quick, start a church.

Does it mean churches have become businesses and not places for spiritual fulfilment? If that is the case, then should they, there....

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