In the distant past, days of our forefathers, blossoming friendship thrived between the people and profoundly amongst the animals both domesticated and wild! Exemplary of this friendship was that which existed between the Hyena and the Hare; youthful, naughty and playful. It was believed that the duo spent much more time together than with anyone else, so much so that it was said of them, that you could locate one through the other.

In their intrigues to pursue adventure and independence of choice over their times, they felt overtly curtailed by their mothers who were strict and would only allow them limited time to play and even so with an eye over them. The hyena complaint bitterly to his friend over the behaviour of their mothers which had become extremely inhibitive to their happiness

“What can we do to fix this, my friend?” The hyena asked the hare.

“I have figured it out!” The hare retorted, “Our mothers are elderly and we can easily deal with them.”

The hyena was still lost; he didn’t clearly understand how easily in the words of his friend it was to solve the problem their mothers had become owing to their age. He implored the hare to outline the plan, promising to implement it without fail.

“Do you know the big river that flows through our land?” The hare paused.

“Yes! Yes! Of course, how can I fail to know our hiding place?”  The hyena jibed excitedly.

The hare elaborately explained to the hyena his plan. They were to get rid of their patronizing mothers. The hare explained the ingenious plan: they were to bungle their mothers into a sack and throw them away in the river. The hyena was very happy and quickly approved of the plan. The hare suggested that to address the weight that comes with the “luggage” to the river, they work as a team. Without any more questions, the hyena took off to go and accomplish the mission.

The hyena went home and quickly accosted the mother! He grabbed the mother by the neck, swept her off her feet and forced her into the sack! He then tied her legs, tied the sack and bundled her into the corner!

“Why are you doing to me this my son?” The mother complained bitterly to the son.

“Keep quiet! You have been a menace to me, now it is pay time! You must pay the price.” The hyena told the mother.

On seeing that the “luggage” was ready for the voyage, the hyena went seeking the assistance of his friend in conformity with the agreement. He found the hare and beckoned him for a hand to see his mother off to the river. They went and picked the hyena’s mother in the sack and went to the river and threw her to the deep end!

“Good riddance!” The hyena jumped up and down punching into the air and shouting excitedly!

“Now let us go for yours.” The hyena directed to his friend the hare.

“Sure. I cannot wait to enjoy the freedom, let us go!” The hare replied.

They all left running towards the hare’s homestead. Unknown to the hyena, the hare had hidden his mother and instead stuffed the sack with a huge stone. They arrived home and just like in the previous scenario, they helped each other with “luggage” to the river and watched excitedly as their mothers were swept away!

It was time to enjoy their freedom now. They were a happy lot. They could play till sunset and no one could come in between them. The hyena thanked the hare for his brilliance. They roamed the village and did as they so wished.

Seasons changed and harvesting season came and left then planting season came and left. The two friends played through the seasons, their mothers’ consciously missing in action! There were murmurs in the village, people could point fingers at them as they strolled the villages but this didn’t worry them least of it the hyena. 

Then things started going south, the rains failed and the harvest was poor and people were hunger stricken. Only those who had stock out of their industry from the previous season were well cushioned. The hyena and the hare had played many games over the seasons; they didn’t have time for the farm. They had storied, toured and idled; now hunger was here and it was punitive. The friendship started getting strained, hunger was biting and roaming was no longer appealing. It was survival for the fittest. Friendship was getting strained reason being everyone was to fend for himself!

The poor friends supposedly had no one to lean on; their mothers were no more! They sat by the river bank, they were now ‘regretting’, if only their mothers were alive they will never lack. The hare started being elusive, something the hyena found out of the norm. The hare would more often excuse himself and this was unusual. The hyena could feel the drift widening!

“Why do you excuse yourself these days? What is it, my friend?” The concerned hyena asked the hare.

“No my friend, I am not trying to avoid you!” The hare replied cheekily.

“You know hunger has ravened us so sometimes I take time to eat tree roots which you don’t eat my friend!” The hare told the hyena. 

The hyena was growing weak and weary and the hare’s behaviour was bothering him. 

On a silent evening, while the hyena was by himself by the river bank agonizing about the demeanour of his friend the hare lately and the loss of his mother to “their” foolishness, a herd of giraffe passing by made a stop. They sympathized with the hyena and felt sorry for him. But again, they paused like they knew something; from the reading of the hyena.

“Leave me alone!” The hyena shouted at them, “Be on your way!”

“Mind your friend the hare, he is not genuine!” One of the giraffes told the hyena.

This really irked the hyena and she left in a huff to go and share with his friend. On arriving at the hare’s home, the hyena forced itself into the house without knocking and to its shock; there before his eyes were the hare with his mother enjoying a steamy meal.

The hyena left wailing, he felt betrayed and foolish. He promised to revenge. To date, the hyena and the hare don’t see eye to eye!


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