Abawanga also known as Oluwanga or Wanga is a language spoken in Kakamega Kenya by the Wanga people.

It belongs to the Luhya group of languages which also includes Bukusu, Kimaragoli, Abanyala, Abakhayo, Abamarachi, Abanyole, Abasamia, Olutsotso, Abamarama, Abakabras, Abatiriki, Tachoni and Kisa languages.

Abawanga language has approximately 94,190 native speakers.

Learn everyday and popular Abawanga language phrases and their meaning in English, including greetings, directions, love words and many day-to-day conversations.

The Abawanga Kingdom was founded by a king called Wanga.

The members of the ruling clan were called Bashitsetse, and their traditional ruler or King was Nabongo.

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