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Enkolong nasuju,saa isiet tadekenya nelo Pierre oo John entim ee karura neinepu Julian eidipa duo ninye atabai. Neiteru apuo nekwetikwet egira aanyu nkulie metabau. Newosh mpishai peyie edamu ina ilong'. Ewueji natii ilkiek nekedishoi nerewishoi sii.


The next day, at eight in the morning, Pierre and John drove to Karura forest and found Julian already there. They started walking and jogging as they waited for their friends to arrive.They took pictures to remember the great day. It is a place with lots of trees, soothing hiking trails and great biking trails too.

By juliet

created atJuly 29, 2022
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Alitoka ki mangoto


He/she left in a hurry.

By Wakadinali

April 23, 2021

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