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Sidai kitoduate

It's good to see you


Sidai kitoduate Maryanne. nkolongi kumok oleng. Enabaunye eingua nkuapi eboo peyie eidip enkisuma enye. Kelio ajo etisidana naa kioti. Neisho ena metayiolo nkutukie ngejuko namir enyamali entonata tia kop. Netum erishata nadolie enkop.


It's good to see you, Maryanne. It's been too long! She just came from Canada after finishing her studies.she looks beautiful and soo young. This helped her learn new languages and to overcome challenges of living in another country. she got the opportunity to see the world.

By juliet
date publishedAugust 16, 2022
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