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This is a thorough guide to learning and practising the Ekegusii language online.

In this article, you’ll learn basic Ekegusii phrases you can use in everyday conversation, including words you could use to express love for the special person in your life.

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✅ Directions

✅ Love words

✅ Conversation starters

✅ Asking Questions

Greetings in Ekegusii

English Ekugusii(Kisii)
Good evening Bwairire
Good morning Bwakire
Good afternoon Bwairire buya
How are you? Naki ore?
How are you today? Naki ore rero?
I am fine. Mbuyande.
Have a good day. Kabe ne rituko rigiya.
I am doing great. Mbuya ng'endererete
Hi/Hello. Naki
Nice to meet you. Mbuya nakoumeire
See you later. Tororane kare
See you soon. Tororane

Love Words in Ekegusii (Kisii)

English Ekegusii(Kisii)
I love you. Nkwanchete
I miss you. Nkomiseti
Love you so much Nkwanchete mono
I want to see you. Ntagete nkorore
I love you with all my heart. Nkwanchete ne' engoro yane yonsi
I love you too. Nkwanchete naye boigo
I want to see you. Ntagete nkorore
I like you. Nkotagete
You are beautiful. Nore omuya.
My love. Omwanchi one
You look beautiful. Ekieni kioa ne ekeya
My beautiful wife. Omwanchi one omuya
I miss you so much, darling. Nakomisiri omwanchi
I need you. Nkotagete
You will miss me. Nindakobore
Goodbye, my love. Tigara buya omwanchani one
See you tomorrow. Tororane mambi
I will marry you. Ntagete nkonywome
I need your love. Ntagete obwanchani bwao
I want some space. Ntagete ribaga
You are mine. Aye noyone

Directions in Ekegusii

Where are you? Nkai ore?
Where did you go? Nkai kwagenda?
Where do you live? Nkai omenyete?
Where are you going? Nkai okogenda /ogochia?
Where were you? Nkai kwarenge?

Common Questions in Conversations

English Ekegusii(Kisii)
How much? Irenga?
How are you feeling? Ng'aki oigwete?
How have you been? Ng'aki konya ore?
What is your name? Naki okorokwa?
What are you doing? Ninki ogokora?
What are you cooking/eating? Ninki okoruga/okori?
Are you okay, dear? Nore buya bori?
When are you coming? Ndi ogocha?
How was your night/day? Naki obotuko bwao bware?
How are you doing? Naki ogendererete?
How is your family? Naki enyomba yao ere?
How was your day? Ng'aki rituko riao riare?
What is wrong? Ninki ekebe?
What do you mean? Naki okomaanisha?
How's the weather over there? Naki rire rire igabwo?
Have you gone to church? Gwachire ekanisa?
What is this? Ninki eke?
What's going on? Ninki kegendererete?
Are you listening? Noigwete?
Have you heard? Kwaigure?
Can I go home? Ng'ende nka?
Can I ask something? Nkobori egento?
How is everything? Naki kere egento kere?
What’s your phone number? Enamba yao ye esimi nereri?

Everyday Conversations

English Ekegusii(Kisii)
Happy birthday Okoibworwa okuya
Thank you Mbuyamono
I am sorry Ng'abere
You are welcome. Kwaariganigwe.
Me too! Nainche boigo!
God bless you. Nyasae agosesenie.
May god protect you. Nyasae akorende.
She is happy. Agogete
Please help me. Koranche Ngonye
I don't know. Timanyeti.
I will come tomorrow. Nkochande mambia.
Come here! Ninchu igaa!
Feel at home. Eigwe inka ore
Be blessed. Osesenigwe
I am coming soon. Nkonchande bwango mono
Excuse me. Ng’acheri
Leave me alone. Tigana nainche
It is okay. Mbuya
I am going home. Nkogenda nde inka
I don't want. Tintageti
Love is a beautiful thing. Obwanchani ne egento ekiya
Let me try. Tiga nteme
Welcome home. Kwaariganirigwe inka
God is good. Nyasae no omuya
I reached home safely. Naigete Inka buya.
I don't understand. Tindakoigwa buya.
We are happy to see you. Ntobwate omogoko gokorora.
I have it. Nibwate.
Rest in peace. Timoka buya.
I don't have money. Tibwati besa.
I am done. Nakorire.
I am going to the shop. Netuka ngogenda.
Happy new year. Omwaka omwonyia omuya.
Bad manners. Etabi embe.
Stop using your phone. Tika gotumiera esimi yane.
I need a favour, please. Gaki nitagete obokonyi.
Haven’t seen you for ages. Tinanya gokorora amatuko amange.
Great to see you again. Nagokire gokorora naende.
I really appreciate it. Naakire mbuya mono.
You made my day. Nkangokirie.
No problem. Mochando toiyo

What next?

To learn a new language, you have to keep practising every day. There is no shortcut to it.

The good news is the process is very straightforward.

For the next month, spare at least fifteen minutes daily and learn five new Ekegusii words from the Ekegusii Dictionary.

If you do this consistently, you’ll make some good progress.

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