Tidikelt Language

Tidikelt also known as Tamazight or Tidikelt berber is a severely endangered language spoken in Algeria's Tamanrasset Province by the Tamazightes,berberians people.

It belongs to the BERBERIAN group of languages .

Tidikelt language has approximately 1,000 native speakers.

Tidikelt is an official language in Algeria.

The language has 3 dialects; Tidikelt, tit and Algerian Arabic.

Upon invasion by the Muslims, the Tidikelt were forced to embrace Islam culture. With time they lost their traditions and adopted Arabic schooling and practices making the original language almost extinct. Today only a few have managed to wade the influence and retain their language, customs, social structure and culture. 

Tidikelt Men wear djellaba cloak, made of cotton with wide sleeves and a hood. On the head, they dorn cotton turbans.

They commemorate important rites of passage like circumcision for males and first baby haircuts. They also celebrate ceremonies of births, marriages and deaths. Wealth is hereditary and passed down along the male offspring.

The Tidikelt are crafters with skills in embroidery works. They also practice farming, and they have palm plantations spread across their settlement which is based around the Saharan oases.


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