This page contains a list of language-related terms commonly used on the website and in general language discussions.


Anti-language - An anti-language or cant is a language created and used by a smaller community within a larger community to prevent outsiders from understanding them.

Artificial language - See Conlang


Cant - See Anti-language

Conlang - A constructed language (Conlang or artificial language) is a language which hasn't developed naturally but is instead consciously developed for some purpose.

Conlanging - The development of constructed languages or conlangs.

Conlanger - A person who constructs languages.

Creole - A language that develops by mixing two or more languages, has consistent grammar and vocabulary and is acquired by children as their native language.


Dead language - A  language that was once a community's mother tongue but no longer had first-language speakers. A good example is the Latin language.


Isolate - A language that cannot be classified into larger language families. It is the only language in its family. 



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