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E piny Kenya, nitie ndalo koth, chieng' gi opon. Nitie ndalo koyo bende. Ndalo chieng' chakorega due mar apar gi ariyo to dhi nyaka due mar adek. Ndalo chieng' nitie liet mang'eny gi chieng' makech. Ndalo koth chakorega due mar adek kata due mar ang'wen. Koth chwega ahinya ndalogi inyalo pidho chiemo mopogore opogore.


In Kenya, there are days which are rainy, sunny, and short rains. There are also cold days. The sunny season [days] usually begin in the month of November and go until the month of March. The sunny season is very hot and with a harsh [hunger] sun. The rainy season begins in the month of March or the month of April. Rain usually falls a lot on these days and you can plant different foods.

By Nyamburko

created atSeptember 21, 2019

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Utambuzi wa vuwashi vushaha vyengie mwaka uu ni vuthungu


Utambuzi wa ugonjwa mpya ulioingia mwaka huu ni vipele

By Reina

October 14, 2022

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