Anansi the Spider was arrogant, mischievous, greedy and always tricking others. One time, there was a bad harvest causing the inadequacy of food in the village. Anansi managed to trick Chameleon, taking his piece of land, therefore, claiming all his harvest. 

Chameleon was bitter and promised to take revenge on Anansi. He worked out the best plan to accomplish his mission!🎉

He dug a deep hole next to one of Anansi's huge fields. It was small on the surface but had several tunnels beneath. He then covered it with leaves leaving just a tiny opening.

Determined to accomplish his mission, Chameleon made a coat from vines and flies that shone brightly like diamonds under the sun. He then wrapped himself with it and strutted proudly into the village.

Everybody was amazed at how the coat glowed and sparkled in the bright sunlight.
 "Your coat is lovely, Chameleon," they cried. "It's dazzling!"
Almost everyone wanted to buy it, but he refused to sell it to anyone other than Anansi.

Anansi asked to buy it, but the Chameleon pretended to think about it. The more reluctant he appeared, the more Anansi wanted to buy it. Eventually, they agreed on a price. Chameleon would sell the coat for as much grain as Anansi could put into the hole he had made.

On seeing the tiny hole, he chuckled. "I'll double it in exchange for your coat," he declared.

The next day, Anansi and his children started to fill the hole with grain. However, no matter how much they poured remained empty. Not accepting defeat, he soldiered on and even sold all his cows to buy more grains.

Filled with pity, Chameleon said, "Well, Anansi, I think you've given me enough grain now. Although you haven't kept your word, I forgive you, and you may have the cloak."

Anansi bowed humbly. Alas! The trickster had fallen.😞

The coat had by this time withered and lost its beauty since Anansi had taken so long to fill the hole.
The villagers laughed at him, for, at last, the trickster had fallen.
Since that day, Anansi always hides in corners, afraid to show his face. 

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