A fable exists of a love story between a hawk and a pretty hen that ended prematurely because of a cockerel who was desperately in love.

Long ago, there was a beautiful hen who stayed with her parents in the bush. One day a hawk was hovering around the area and spotted the hen picking on corn. The beauty of the hen was striking, and he couldn't resist approaching her.

He greeted her enticingly and offered to marry her. The hen agreed, and the hawk spoke to her parents, paid the bride price, and they left to the land of the hawk.

A while later, a young cock who lived near the hen's parents' home and had been in love with her found out about the marriage. Heartbroken, he purposed to find where she lived and swore to bring her back home.
When she found out about her new home, he went at dawn and crowed in his best voice, flapping his wings. Unable to resist the sweet voice, the hen went to him and off they walked together back to her parents. 
The hawk, who had been watching all these happenings from a distance, was angry and felt betrayed. He demanded a return of the dowry as per the custom, but neither the hen's parents nor the cock could pay him back.
They went to the king of animals, who declared that the hawk could kill and eat the cock's children whenever he found them as payment for his dowry, and if the cock complained, he would not listen to him.
From then henceforth, whenever a hawk spots chicks, he swoops down and carries them off.
This story teaches us a valuable lesson about being loyal to each other.

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